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Newsletter Oct 10th, 2010

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Are you having troublebuying or leasing a car due to non existent credit? If so you need to talk to Joe Seymour at Mike Sullivan's Volkswagen Santa Monica. They  are offering the Brits the Foreign Business Professionals Leasing Plan . All you need is a social security number and a valid visa. Contact Joe on 310 266 8825 or email him at . He is a Brits in LA member and will do his very best for you!  What you gonna dress as this halloween - Here's an idea below!!!!

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Birthday to Eileen Lee - The best present to Brits in LA at to me in 15 years xxxx

Hi Breeps,

I'm off to London this week, so I'll send Blighty your love! -So we are really pleased to announce that LA CarGuy above have com  on board to headline our Halloween Party 'Dead British' and Gil Brito Immigration Lawyer will be supporting us. With goodie bags, blood red carpet pr…