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Skyfall's for Bond, James Bond - TRAILER

Daniel Craig is back for his third time as Bond and Skyfall promises to be bigger, badder and better than ever. Javier Bardem looks absolutely frightful as the bad guy. Can't wait?  Take a look at the trailer below. Skyfall is released 26th of October, 2012

Brits in LA Newsletter August 6th, 2012

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Contact Brits in LA member Joseph Seymour about how you can get into a VW without any credit. There are many options for ex-pats. Joe has all the answers you will need. He has helped so many members already and will give you the best deal in town whether you are buying or leasing. Call him on 310-266-8825 or  on email.

Hi Everyone, What a a great time we had at the Glenfiddich tasting last week. A huge thank you to Mitch for his fun stories and teaching us so much about how scotch is made. Scroll down to see a few photos from the night.

Craig and I also had the pleasure of going to see Alfred Molina in Red. Such a fantastic play. Its only here for a short while so make sure to catch it whilst you can. Ticket details are below in in theatre section.
Get there early to enjoy a glass of wine in the courtyard before you go in.
Craig and I are going to see Mary Poppins next week too, hope to see some of you there!
I am really looking forward…

Top Ten Tips for Securing Cheap Airfare - US -> UK

10 TIPS FOR CHEAP AIRFARES FROM THE U.S. TO THE U.K.By William Kay|Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 -  Originally from BBCAmerica
If you need to pop back to the U.K., here are some tips to finding cheap flights. (Rex Features via AP) Airfares have shot up in recent years, largely because of increased taxes and fuel charges. We are all feeling the impact of the recession and want to save money. So the pressure is more intense than ever to find the cheapest flights between the U.K. and U.S. A dozen scheduled airlines fly to the U.S. from the U.K. They are your targets and your benchmarks. But many variables affect airline ticket prices, from landing fees to booking flows, pension costs to lawsuits, so the fares change constantly (sometimes hourly). It’s a jigsaw puzzle tossed into the middle of a minefield, so here are 10 Ways to Beat the System: 1. Be flexible.
Fly when no one else wants to – or, at least, avoid peak times. Easter, Christmas and New Year are expensive on both sides …