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       Long standing Brits in LA member Julia Verdin and her Rough Diamond Productions delivers us a sparkle of a movie starring a bevvy of British talent -  Two jacks starring Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston and Magic City's  Danny Huston, the Factory Girl, Sienna Miller's latest indie movie, Two Jacks,  a fast-paced, glamorous and romantic vision of Hollywood now and then,  will be screened at The Hollywood Film Festival as part of their 2012  official selection.
   Two Jacks is a modern adaptation of a short story, Two Hussars, of Leo Tolstoy, 
considered by many the greatest novelist of the world who ever lived. The story is a
Tolstoy tale that's message still carries resonance today. 
    Legendary film director Jack Hussar (Danny Huston), notorious gambler and
womanizer, returns to Hollywood to raise financing for his next film.  During a
whirlwind night on the town, Jack hits some wild industry parties, seduces the
stunning Diana (Sienna Miller), and narrowly escapes a …


Push it good, push it real good.....
"PUSHER" In L.A. theatres Oct 26th       The first thing to hit me about this film was just how very British it is, not in a 'Guy Ritchie-Jason Statham combo, shoot 'em up style' but going back to the basics of good old fashion film making without the tricks.    This race-against-the-clock thriller is about a likable (!?) drug dealer's bust gone wrong. Sounds like it has all the trappings of being cliche,  right? but the film actually does well to avoid the traps by remaining very real and steadfast. Helped by the screenplay (Matthew Read), the cinematography (Simon Dennis) and the quiet direction from Luis Prieto. A driving soundtrack provided by Orbital also helps move the film along at a steady pace. 
      Based on the explosive series by Nicholas Winding Refn, the director of 'Bronson' and last year's sleeper hit 'Drive'.    Pusher stars the very capable Richard Coyle as drug dealer Frank, who grows …

Brits in LA Newsletter October 15th 2012

We have teamed up with Volkwagen Santa Monica to run some competitions for the next few months so watch the newsletter carefully for clues. Joe Seymour about how you can get into a VW. There are many options for ex-pats. Joe has all the answers you will need. He has helped so many members already and will give you the best deal in town whether you are buying or leasing. Contact him on 310 266 8825 or by email.

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Hi Guys
What an amazing week it has been for me! I was lucky enough to see Madge in concert last week and I thought she was fantastic.
Then last Thursday I had a birthday to celebrate, and planned a nice quiet dinner with my best friend Craig. Little did I know he had other plans for me!
Watch the video below to see how his amazing hard work and planning paid off!
Truly a massive thank you to everyone who was involved. I am so overwhelmed with all the love!
Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing John Hurt in Krapp's Last Tape