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High Intensity Interval Training part 2, Is it to good to be true?


BLA! BLA! BLA! Newsletter May 6th 2013

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Hi Breeps!

Well BritWeek was in full swing last week and we got to attend a few of the shindigs -
TopShop at the grove with BAFTA, with Brits in LA members Herb Ankrom, Ewan Chung and the charismatic Kara (KJ) Miller. Miles Siggins (Top British Stylist) hosted a cocktail reception at Barker Black on Robertson- An exquisite men's shoe designer made in London. I had my eye on a few pairs. My birthday is soon, might have to treat myself. 
Then the always interesting and thoroughly entertaining, Mr. Marc Conneely joined me for a trip down memory lane at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica…