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Burn Body-Fat fast with 'The Breakfast of Champions'

Meat (or a source of good protein) And Nut Breakfast 'The Breakfast of Champions' So today I want to tell you about getting the right breakfast! Ideally it should consist of protein and good fats. Another great secret tip I share with my clients and now you is… One of the fastest ways to lose body-fat is to eat an all protein and fat breakfast. As a test I suggest trying it on a 5-day rotation for 2 weeks, if you think it hasn’t helped then go back to your toast and rice Krispy’s. This applies to males and females! Example; (The fish oil is optional at this stage) Monday-      Steak, portion of cashews, and tablespoon of fish oil. Tuesday-     Chicken, portion of almonds, tablespoon of fish oil. Wed-           Turkey, portion of macadamias, fish oil Thursday-    Eggs, portion of brazil nuts, fish oil Friday-         Lamb, portion of hazelnuts, fish oil Protein portion should be about the same size as your clenched fist. You would then rotate the meat and nuts and continue for 2 weeks. Ex…

Images from A VERY BRITISH SUMMER FETE By Jason Kamimura

July 28- A Very British Summer Fete