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Steve Sidelnyk Football Blog August 23rd 2013

Aye Caramba what a brilliant start to the season and the clubs all back with new signings and lots and lots of goals!

Great coverage by the NBC network and all the games were available to watch online with their smartphone/tablet apps.....haven't tried the streaming yet but will give it a go tomorrow.
All the Premiership games are centralized on NBC and all Champions League and Europa League games are on Fox Sports Network 1.
At least NBC have realized that the can't offer the same coverage that they did with the Olympics 2012 which was very USA biased.............We Want MO!
It also looks like Fox Sports Network 2 has gobbled up the Fuel TV and Speed channels too.

Transfer talk is still pretty hot and it looks like Gareth Bale will be unveiled as a Real Madrid player this weekend.
The Spanish press pretty much said so on Thursday and apparently you could buy the Bale number 11 shirt on the Real website towards the end of the week!
With rumors of the offer to be in excess of £95 mill…

Brits in LA present Barmageddon !

Photos from Barmageddon celebrating the release of the new  Simon Pegg film "The Worlds End"
photos courtesy of Alan Urban Photography