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Steve Sidelnyk's Football Blog 27th September 2013

" Messi puts the paint on the palette and Pedro puts the paint on the canvas " :  A description of the goal in the Barcelona vs Rayo Vellecano De Madrid as succinctly put by Ray Hudson.....but more later!

Man City destroying Man Utd in a five goal thriller and even though the Red Devils only scored one goal, that man Rooney executed the perfect free-kick....sublime.
Arsenal Top!!!!!! Liverpool lose, Everton, Swansea and Chelsea all win and the newly named Hull City Tigers beat Newcastle.
It seems the Premier League has just started to get going and there are some exciting fixtures and the, early for us , London derby between Spurs and Chelsea looking like the tie of the weekend.
And a big shout out to NBC Sports Network who continue to improve and as Manchester derby finished went straight to the Cardiff vs Spurs game and saw the most wonderful goal scored by Paulihno, the boy from brazil in the spurs shirt....Amazing!
Poor old Paulo Di Canio tin-tacked after a revolt by the…

BLA BLA BLA Newsletter! Sept 27th 2013

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER brought to you by If you are new to LA you maybe interested to know that you don’t need an American credit score to buy or lease a car, there is such thing as an International Leasing plan that both Volkswagen, Santa Monica and Audi Pacific offer, that takes into account your credit score back home and proof of some sort of visa to work in the USA. Email Artem or Jordan at Volkswagen, SM or Evan Bolton at Audi Pacific at  to find out how you can get into a car hassle free - these guys have helped countless Brits in LA members already. 
Plus both dealerships have committed to donating $100 per vehicle leased or sold to 


Editor's Letter Hey Breeps
Brits Breakfast club (spnsored by Nextstop LAX) seems to be getting bigger and bigger, I counted over 60 guests on Tuesday. And it’s so nice to see people table hopping, laughing eating a good breakfast and reading the British Weekly, of course. I overheard conversations of film-…