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Steve Sidelnyk's Football Blog: 8th November 2013....The Big One!

So last timeI went to see The Los Angeles Galaxy play it was in some style onboard a party bus complete with stripper pole and mood lighting : O )
Its not the usual way I travel to a game and there were things that happened on that journey that I'll never forget, including a penalty shoot out with the 2011 future Premier League Champions in Manchester City and goalie Joe Hart took the winning kick with aplomb! Where were the overpriced Ginster pies and warm lager??????? Instead a jumbo sized Margarita with a slice of fresh lime!!!!!!!! No looking around the corner to see if someone from the opposing team's fans were waiting around to inflict pain and punishment for wearing the wrong color! At the Home Depot Center in Carson, the home of the Galaxy, there were people smiling and chatting and fans having their pictures taken in the warm sunshine! ....... I know a lot of exclamation marks! It was nice to be able to see so many people have a great time and yes maybe they did cheer…

BLA BLA BLA! Weekly Newsletter - Nov 7th 2013

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER brought to you by If you are new to LA you maybe interested to know that you don’t need an American credit score to buy or lease a car, there is such thing as an Foreign Business Professional Leasing program that both Volkswagen, Santa Monica and Audi Pacific offer,  you need proof of some sort of visa to work in the USA. Email Artem or Jordan at Volkswagen, Santa Monica,  or Evan Bolton at Audi Pacific at  to find out how you can get into a car hassle free - these guys have helped countless Brits in LA members already. 
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Editor's Letter Hi Breeps!

Halloween used to be for kids, well not anymore and definitely not in LA! Kids better watch their candy especially at The Brits in LA second Dead British party sponsored by VW Santa Monica and Beltran Brito Immigration Attorneys. It was a raving success - Entry fee got you a free cocktail, a lu…