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Brits in LA Newsletter April 18th, 2014

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITOR'S LETTER
Hi Everyone! How amazing was that Blood Moon earlier this week?? It’s a nice change to have everyone looking up at the sky for once, and not down at their incoming texts! Although I must admit I did get out my camera a few times to try and capture this natural wonder; as I am sure did most of you, judging by my Facebook newsfeed.  I think I need a lesson in photography, as the 20 photographs that I took were quite pitiful, fortunately Brits in LA member (and Toscar nominee) Valeria Zunzun kindly agreed to share her fab moon pictures with us. 

Easter is only a couple of sleeps away and I have already had my fair share of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs! To make up for it, my vow for Lent was to give up not exercising, so for the last 2 weeks I hav…