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Brits in LA Newsletter April 25th, 2014

Jaguar USA are proud sponsors of BRITS IN LA Click here to be one of the first to drive the F-Type coupe at the Jaguar Villain Academy! #Goodtobebad

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITOR'S LETTER

Hey Breeps!

It's here... not quite yet...

Hot topics this week. Primark or Prim-ani (play on Armani) as it is commonly referred to is set to grace US shores -No date set for L.A. just yet - but the flagship will be in Boston. Bit of a trek, but it will make the missus happy no doubt. Our American friends won’t have a clue what it is I’m talking about. Primark is a popular UK chain of clothing stores,on a budget. Think Sam’s, Michael’s or Marshall’s here, but way, way, way cheaper. You can get a whole outfit, including shoes for $100 and throw in a bottle of aftershave too. Now all this comes with a warning, these said items are not very well made and may only last you one washing cy…