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Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw - 05/10/14

Weekly Stars by Annie Shaw

ARI  A trip in June its best planned at least in part before mid week to make sure you are setting things in order. Theplanet Venus is in your life now is good news all round especially good news for cash flow.
TAU Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and this may be your health as your ruler Venus is visiting your health area for a while so any area of your life that requires attention shows up now. Happy Birthday
GEM If you feel you need to make a move in settling some kind of past emotional situation but are not sure how will be received right now it will be easier as the week proceeds. Jupiter sailing in calm waters in your life will assist you.
CAN You will have to be aware this next week to not speak out of turn or harshly to any one .The consequences are long reaching for you especially if it’s a close friend or family. Now is a good time to clean out any unwanted “stuff” in your life
LEO Yes this is a tim…

Meet A Member - Guy Salisbury

Meet a Member - Guy Salisbury
Meet Guy Salisbury from Basingstoke (or Amazingstoke as he fondly remembers it), who moved to LA 3 years ago (although was in OC and Laguna Beach for 7 years prior to that), to purse and continue his career in finance.  Guy now works in Real Estate Finance.  If you need a mortgage, be sure to give him a call!

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? 'LA is a slow seduction' - Someone I met when I first moved to LA...
To answer your question, I wanted a change from living in OC - I just got out of a long term relationship and all my clients were up here.  I used to commute to see them a few times a week and really didn't think much of LA at first...A lot of traffic, not the best looking city.  BUT THEN, I started finding my way around - Finding out exactly where to go when I wanted to do something fun and amazing.  Beach, hike, restaurant, club, bar, spa, yoga, crystals, art shows, museums, plays, galleries, shopping, the list is endless and …


Feeling the heat yet? -- Then you might want to try freezing this Summer. Seriously freeze your buns off with Cryo -The latest craze to hit LA. My friends Carlos Leon and Maria Elena Infantino took me last Friday, and it was the perfect antidote to combat the heat and a slight hangover, plus with it's healing and anti-aging properties, I was set for the day --
In fact it took at least three hours for my bum to warm up. "Recover...Rejuvenate...Revitalize" is their slogan and it promises just that. In fact; there were three basketball players from the Clippers in there breezing in as if it was a sauna. One talking about how it had healed his torn shoulder completely. I'm a serious wuss when it comes to the cold, I mean why did i move to LA for goodness sake? - My Dad worked as a butcher, when i was growing up and I used to have a recurring nightmare that I'd get trapped in the deep freeze with only hanging carcasses as friends. - Well luckily at Cryo Healthcare ther…

Work in an office, no time to train? Try this the office workout

The Office Workout For all my friends who currently work in an office and are frustrated with long working hours with no spare time to train, this ones for you. Only 7 exercises the complete head to toe office workout. I give this to my office clients as an extra resistance workout between our sessions and believe me is very effective but won’t have you dripping in sweat and ruining your office attire. I suggest starting with 8 or 10 reps of each to begin with then gradually working your way up to 15 reps as your strength and fitness level increases. I was recently consulting for a company about productivity and exercise in the work place and did lots of fun stuff with an exercise ball. I'll post one of these workouts another time but a swiss ball in a corner some where could come in very useful.
Butt Toner, Gluteal Squeeze - Start sitting at your office desk with feet flat on the floor. ·Contract and flex your butt muscles and hold for 4 seconds. ·Relax for 4 seconds ·Contract. ·Relax …