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Hello Breeps!

It's Memorial Day Weekend  - So let's take a moment to remember those fallen heroes who fought for this great country we live in, and those that still protect us.

Well that’s it for the play - "The Vortex" was a personal high for me - I would have never of thought back when i was ten years old growing up on a council estate in Nottingham, where chances were few, that one day, i would be saying 'the master’s words. Thank you to director Gene Franklin Smith for believing in me and giving me this incredible experience. Thank you to the outpouring of support also from so many Brits in LA members who came to support. Work surely begets work as i’ve also been busy shooting a guest episode on new series called "Hit The Floor” for VH1 which starts airing on memorial day. I just wrapped 5 commercials for a tier 1 brand that i can’t mention yet and my film Return to the hiding place has just been released into 8 cities around the country.…


Meet Claire Farwell
from Devon who moved to LA 10 years ago to be with her fiancé and now works as a fashion designer & Breast cancer advocate.
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I fell in love with a Californian in Barcelona & after a long distance relationship  for 18 months, while I was in Russia/Nigeria & Bahrain as a reporter for NYT &  other media, couldn't bear to be without him anymore:) He chose LA, we chose  each other. 

What one thing do you miss from home? Nothing. I have memories & visit when I can & all my british food cravings can  be bought here:)

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK?
 Glorious sun & easier acceptance of ambition & entrepreneurialism .  Outdoor sports particularly to do with water & hiking. Creativity & ambition. 

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
The Hungry Cat-Our local restaurant with amazing shrimps & the chips!!!


June 21th, 2014

Due to adverse planetary activity affecting the water signs this past few weeks you will be not as in good spirits recently as you normally are. If you look inside for the answer to what made you feel not good you will see that its all in the lesson learned.

If you want to change anything waiting around for others to make the first move is not a good idea. Your lucky ruler Jupiter is in on the move to Leo soon and will give you the fortitude to hang on until decisions are made for the good.

.You are the most responsible sign of the Universe usually, however even you are allowed time out and as Jupiter is moving in your opposite  sign  so its time to play a little. Just be sure you let those that matter you are only taking a well deserved break.

 You are probably feeling a bit frustrated this week .Well that’s life for you so take a break and do not let your duties frustrate you .If you did not have a purpose in life it would be very dull for you.

The plane…

PART TWO: 9 more Things You Learn in Your First 5 Years in L.A.

15 Things You Learn in Your First 5 Years in L.A. From LA WEEKLY Mon, May 19, 2014 at 8:00 AM By  SHAREclick to expand contents

7. You should never pick a fight with an L.A. cyclist about cycling, because you will lose. Short of just coming right out and saying, "IT'S BECAUSE I'M F*CKING LAZY," there is literally no way to win an argument in which your whole point is that you prefer isolated, smog-generating drives to environmentally sound, community-friendly bike rides. Also, cyclists get mad. 
8. Cherish the city's old people, for they have stories to tell. That greying dude with the porkpie hat who sat next to you in the Frolic Room? He lived with Marlon Brando when Brando was waiting tables in Los Feliz. That couple you saw at the bar at the Dresden? That was fucking Marty and Elayne. It is well worth your time, young one, to stop and ask for a yarn.

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9. The customary greeting in L…

6 Things You Learn in Your First 5 years in L.A.

15 Things You Learn in Your First 5 Years in L.A. From LA WEEKLY Mon, May 19, 2014 at 8:00 AM By  SHAREclick to expand contents Write Comment L.A. can be tough for transplants. There are the winding freeways to get used to, the hour-plus commutes and the regular appearance of palm trees. For the first year after moving here, many of us find ourselves a bit dazzled by the sunlight, shielding our eyes from it like vampires emerging from coffins. 
But after a while, we start to adjust. The light becomes soft and nurturing. We figure out the best routes around town. The phrase "the industry" becomes something that we toss off casually. And in the first five years of living here, there are at least 15 other things that you will learn, like them or not.

Here they are:

1. You have three choices when it comes to traffic. Unadulterated rage, complete mental transcendence, or moving to another city. Yes, traffic is the most despicable thing about living in Los Angeles. …