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MeetChloe Farnworth from Herefordshire who moved to LA 9 months ago to pursue acting. Was there a particular reason you chose LA?Well LA has so much to offer, i find it an incredible and fascinating city to live in, its a bit like being on a exciting roller coaster each day! And having grown up in the countryside and spending the last 6 years in London, Los Angeles offers this amazing city life yet in the country side too, Which i LOVE…. What one thing do you miss from home?There are a lot of things I miss from the UK and trying to just chose one is pretty hard! But I will say apart from family and friends, I really miss the seasons of the year, especially Autumn and wearing a coat and hat walking through London as the evenings are getting darker! What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus London ?The weather is crazy here, its so hot everyday and although I like the sun I burn very easily so I end up buying so much sun screen so I don't look like a burnt radish ev…