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Meet Gaby Santinelli from London who moved to LA 18 months ago to pursue life in America

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I was born in New York City, and raised all over the United States before I relocated to London, and pursued acting & singing in Britain. While living in London, I won an Oliver Award (Jerry Springer - The Opera National Theatre/West End), sang on Feature Film Soundtracks (The Lord Of The RingsHarry PotterStar Wars, etc), acted with Colin Firth (A Summer In Genoa), and became a dual UK-US Citizen. When I felt it was time to move back to America, I chose Los Angeles over New York because my father has been an actor here since 1989, and I wanted to live near him. Oh, and the weather: 15 years of British damp had finally crept into me'bones!
What one thing do you miss from home? I miss ironic, self-deprecating, language-based humor. And the British news.
What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus  London? The people! Luckily, I wor…