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Meet Jazz from London who moved to LA, last month to move in with her girlfriend and get cracking with work.
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? 
I first visited LA in 1992, 17, and I loved it. However, my heart belonged in New York. I would always visit there, and never came back to LA. There was always a Broadway show luring me to spend time in NYC over LA. Anyway, all that changed when I got into a long distance relationship, and my girlfriend lived here. I visited as often as I could. This past Summer I spent three months here and really fell in love with it. I assimilated ;)  My girlfriend made me love LA, showing me things from a  non touristy point of view. 

What one thing do you miss from home? I tend to get cravings for Ribena in a carton. Go figure. I think that's about the only thing I really miss.  Well, my friends, I miss them, but that's a given. Aside from that, I don't really miss much. Sweets, chocolate? No, because I've always loved the American ca…