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Meet A Brits in LA Member - Nigel McGuinness

Meet Nigel McGuinness from Staplehurst
(Staplehurst is a small village in Kent that nearly saw the untimely demise of Charles Dickens in a train wreck,) via Tampa (a large tropical metropolis that nearly saw the untimely demise of his will to live,) who moved to LA three years ago to make an autobiographical documentary about his retirement tour from pro wrestling and whatever the next exciting chapter of his life turned out to be. (The exciting six-episode TV series he's written and is currently funding at
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
I'd always wanted to live here but never thought I could afford to. Funding the documentary on Kickstarter allowed me to take the jump and I discovered I actually couldn't have afforded not to. What one thing do you miss from home?My Mum and Dad. Awwww. Shit, that's two. What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus Tampa/Staplehurst?A variety of things to do / median age range (Tampa.) The col…

Weekly Horoscope from Anne Shaw

Stargazing with Annie Shaw

ARIES Please keep a low profile this month as the planets are preparing to move forward swiftly .They will start benefiting you in February and so best thing all round is to not begin any thing you cannot finish before end of this month.
TAURUS What a change in pace you are due for and in order to prepare for this second wind you have to clear all unfinished tasks to make space for the new. By the end of this month you will be able to chill out a little.
GEM Time to plan a trip long or several shorter ones .As all of this is happening in the first part of the week make a space for catching up. Mercury your boss moving backwards will bring up any unfinished business.
CAN To not bend in the wind  when its stormy can damage the tree and since you are not  remotely like the tree  you will be in worse shape if you are not pliant in some emotional situation you are dragging along behind!
LEO. Mars the fire planet in Aquarius will bring a situation to a head in your lif…