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Meet Rani Apodaca from New York City,  who has lived in Los Angeles and is  currently bicoastal, and is very excited to fly to LA this month for the Spirit of the Toscars in February! She currently works on both coasts and is pursuing acting in NYC and is honored to be part of Brits in LA.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? Los Angeles was a big dream of mine, to live and pursue my craft. It challenged me and I grew so much from my time there! I filmed independent films there and discovered an amazing improv scene and i really got to understand the  business of acting, which then led me to NYC.
What one thing do you miss from home? I am originally from Santa Barbara,  and I missed the laid back aspect of a small beach town. I was use to taking 15 minutes at the most going from one side of town to the other, but not in LA! I do miss the ease of getting around.
What do you find the biggest difference is living in LA versus NYC? Well since I'm bicoastal I get the benefit of both …