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Haven't seen all the Oscar films nominated - Don't Worry watch them HERE in under an hour.

Before you Watch the Oscars, sit your friends down and watch the Parody Oscars


If you are planning to have a get together with your friends to watch this Oscars tomorrow night. You are bound to hear moans of "I didn't get to see Whiplash." What was American Sniper about? "What is Cinematography, anyway?" "Why is everyone so serious?" "I hate award shows." Well, here's the antidote... Sit your fiends down and make them watch the Parody Oscars beforehand.


These spoofs will give you the meat and potatoes of each story in around 5 minutes - and you'll have some laughs along the way. So now your guests won't complain, talk through the acceptance speeches and loudly guess what face work Uma Thurman has had done , wonder what  Keira Knightly has done to her hair and with all that money, why didn't Patrica Arquette ever get her teeth fixed.

BiRDMAN PARODY ( BiG BiRDMAN) from Brits in LA on Vimeo.

The Toscars ar…


Meet Salme Geransar from Melbourne, Australia who moved to LA 9 months ago to pursue acting...

I chose LA because of the acting opportunities, I have a lot of family that live here, and it's much warmer than NY or Canada!
I miss the familiarity - like knowing the system/how things work (being able to pay my rent online), and knowing which shops/cafes/restaurants are good.
The biggest difference between LA and Melbourne is the public transport. I know a few people that get around LA without a car, but it definitely makes life easier having one!
Hidden gems in LA - Aroma Cafe in Studio City, and The Alcove in Los Feliz - make sure to try their choc-chip bread budding :)
I would suggest to those wanting to move hereto save money and have all your documents prepared for whichever visa you intend to apply for. Get in contact with anyone you know in LA, and don't be afraid to ask for help.
You can find me on my website, Twitter @SalmeGeransar and my Facebook page w…