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Meet Mitra from London who moved to LA 1 year ago to pursue her dual career as a healer and actress.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?

I feel like it’s LA that chose me! I met a woman while I was on holiday in Thailand who asked if I’d thought about trying my luck in Hollywood. I told her I’d love to but couldn’t afford to make the trip - so she gifted me a return flight from London to LAX (needless to stay we’re still very good friends!). I was here two months later for a 6 week trip, but the pull to be here was so strong that I stayed out my 3 months and applied for a green card - it got approved the day before I left to go home. The things I loved about LA were the positive, open and friendly attitude of Angelenos, the embracing of alternative lifestyles and philosophies (I live in Venice…) and the feeling that everything’s possible here.

What one thing do you miss from home?

Parks. The first trip I made home I walked around the garden barefoot luxuriating in the pillow top…