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BRIT FIT CLUB with Ricky Parcell

Let’s get real. Sure, you can cut your calories in half, or spend your morning or evenings doing cardio to lose some pounds, but I can promise you both will not last, nor will they give you a healthy looking and functioning body. When it comes to weight training for weight loss, it is important to put a few key points out there, from First, you will not get BIG from lifting weights. You get “big” from overconsumption of energy (calories), which can be converted into fat or muscle based on the types of foods you eat and the exercise you do. Second, you can lift more than you think—and you should (with the help of a spotter, if necessary). And finally, if weight training is done properly you will likely be sore the day or two after your workouts (especially if you are new to resistance exercise). This is called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, and it is a normal response to weight training. Be sure to stretch, drink plenty of water and incorporate soun…


Meet a Member

Meet NATALIE MARIE AMES from LONDON who moved to LA three years ago topursue ACTING...
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
I fell in love with California when I first visited with my family  many years ago, and as an Actress, LA is the ultimate place to be for your career, so it made complete sense to move here when the opportunity presented itself. Now it feels like home, even the mini earthquakes don't bother me any more.
What one thing do you miss from home?
A good cup of tea! Its impossible to get a strong cup of tea out here, it usually comes with lemon and not milk and its very weak. When I go home I bring back a huge bag of PG tips and Yorkshire tea! What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus LONDON?

The outdoor lifestyle! I love going to the beach, hiking and its all on my doorstep here! That and the amount of driving you have to do in LA is very different to London, luckily I love my Bimmer, and I manage to get a lot done on my commut…