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April 22nd 2015
Brenda Rodgers the walking, talking Disease
Merely days after Liverpool’s miserable and woeful 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa in the FA Cup semifinal and I still feel as utterly depressed as I ever have been after a football match. Three years ago, when Brenda (I’m going to call him Brenda from now on) Rodgers was appointed as Liverpool’s manager, he must have thought he had won the lottery! The seemingly nice Northern Irishman had never won a trophy in his life and his greatest achievement was playing ‘good’ football with Swansea. We are talking about a man who got fired from Reading! The man’s sole intention while at Liverpool was to destroy the club from within. Sadly, he has succeeded to the immense sadness of Liverpool fans all over the world. Brenda has become the first Liverpool manager since 1950 to not win a trophy in his first three seasons. Well done Br…


Meet Patrick Kuan from London who moved to LA 5 years ago to pursue modelling.

Was there a particular reason why you chose to move to LA?
I had previously visited LA while on a modelling gig shooting for Harley Davidson. It was mid February and to be cruising around on a motorcycle in a T shirt and jeans just felt totally enlivening. When I got home it wasn't long before I informed family and friends that I was California bound.

In modeling terms what are the differences between the UK and LA markets?
When I work in the UK the majority of jobs are predominantly more editorial and fashion orientated whereas in LA it's all about the commercial side of the business.

What's the most important aspect of modeling one should consider when working in LA?
With the weather the way it is over here so many of the advertising campaigns take advantage of it and often require a certain amount of flesh on show. With that in mind I'd have to say to make sure that the body's in as good a …