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Meet  our Members
Meet  Anna and Adam from  Merseyside and Hampshire who moved to LA to further their acting careers and have an adventure!

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
Adam: To be the best, you need to work amongst the best.  The pool of talent in LA is immense and it is a genuine source of excitement to be a part of such a hugely talented city.  The talent we were able to pull together at very short notice for our short Blast From The Past, which we created for the BAFTA LA Newcomers showcase, was amazing and a real testament as to what is possible in this city! The weather also was a massive draw!
Anna: I’d dreamed of moving here since I was young and seeing it on screen so many times and after seeing other industry friends make the move I realised it was something that I could make happen. There’s so much amazing work happening in the TV and film industry here that it just made sense as the next step. We'd been over a few times before we moved and gotten a great rec…