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MeetLauren Baldwin from Wigan, Lancashire, who moved to LA 7 years ago to continue her career as an actress.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? When I was a kid I had a printout of a photo of downtown LA stuck to my bedroom wall with a pencil drawn arrow pointing to one of the tall buildings that said 'Lauren's Apartment!!'. (Now that I know LA better I realize of course that would have meant I lived on the 50th floor of a bank). I watched a lot of film and TV as a kid and knew that all of my favorites were made in LA in some shape or form and that's why I knew I had to live there as soon as I could. Not many people can say that their childhood dreams came true, but mine certainly did!
What one thing do you miss from home? The people! But I get a lot of visitors so that helps. I also miss watching football matches at a decent hour. Those 5.45am kick-offs are brutal…but you'll find me at the pub watching my boys (Liverpool) regardless of the time!

What do yo…