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Meet Nick Kellie from Wigan who moved to LA a few weeks ago. Although, he did move to the USA 7 years ago to pursue his music career

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
I was always drawn to LA because all of my absolute favorite musicians live here. Its taken me 7 years of living in the U.S. to finally get to LA after living in Nashville for 1 year and NYC 6 years. I have played in some of the top venues and played guitar in a wonderful church named Times Square Church, on a weekly basis - It was broadcast live each week to over 150 countries. I also toured extensively with hitmakers, “The Three Degrees".

I am blown away with how well things are starting to slot together for me here in LA. I already went for lunch with my #1 guitar hero, Frank Gambale. He is the guitar player for Chick Corea and is one of the all time jazz greats. I was on cloud 9. And to top it off, he is helping me to get connected here and things are going really wonderfully, beyond all expectati…