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Meet A Member: Hayley McLaughlin
Meet Hayley McLaughlin from Linlithgow, Scotland who moved to LA a year and a half ago to pursue her career in acting. She has just received her Green Card and is proud to call LA her home. Recently, Hayley has been up in Portland, Oregon filming  ‘The Librarians’  for TNT. Was there a particular reason you chose LA? The US has always fascinated me; the vastitude of the place. I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a year when I was 14, and I always had an inkling that I would come back one day. The idea of living and working in the entertainment capital of the world has always been a dream for me. I have loved getting to know LA, all of the little quirks it has….oh, and sunshine!
What do you miss most from home? Family… and a proper chippie… with the special brown chippie sauce…and Linlithgow Palace. But mostly family, I have a really close family so that is always tough. With technology these days it is so easy to keep in touch, and it makes it even more …