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Meet A Member - Matthew John

Not all Brits in LA Members live in Los Angeles: in fact a fair number are scattered around the globe.
This week’s Meet a Member is Matthew John who lives in Studio City (LA) and Cheltenham (UK).

Seeing as you don’t live in Los Angeles how did you end up joining Brits in LA?
I was recommended via a friend. I do a lot of business in LA, but presently in process of applying for long term visa, so I can stay for long period of times.
Have you ever visited Los Angeles - if so we would love to hear what your impression of LA is?
I love LA. I love the people. I love the weather. I love the La Culture. I love the possibilities and projects that you find on a daily basis in LA.
Do you think you could ever see yourself moving to LA, if not tell us what keeps you in UK?
I am trying to move to America. At the moment, it is the Visa application that I am trying to sort out. My last film Hedda Gabler, has an American Distributor. We do a lot of events and business in LA. My next film is a USA/ UK Film p…