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Meet Carly from Thornton-Cleveleys who moved to LA 7 months ago while her husband goes to music school.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I didn't have a choice haha. Seriously though, my husband in American, from Colorado originally, and lived with me in the UK. It was his dream to go to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and so we (eventually) made it happen. As someone who has a background in performing arts and is an aspiring writer the move made sense to me. Even though it was ultimately for him, we knew we both had the potential to get the most out of it. We moved to Colorado first, to be with his family in May 2015, then to LA for him to start school just after Christmas.

By being out here I have the chance to work with some very talented people and to develop my career as a stage manager. I've been lucky to have already worked on a few stage shows and I'm looking for new opportunities everyday. I gave up my retail team leader job as it was de…