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Brits in LA Weekly Newsletter Out Now!

Overseas American Citizens! Don't forget to vote for our next President!


Meet Michele Paradise from London who moved to LA 9 months ago for a lifestyle change and greater opportunities in her career. 
I was born on the East Coast of the US and was discovered by the designer Zandra Rhodes to be her muse. I left for London and didn’t look back. I enjoyed a 20 year international catwalk modeling career and loved every minute of it. I’m a hybrid. I don’t consider myself American or British, just the best of both worlds. 
Was there a particular reason you chose LA? After retiring from modeling in 2000, I trained to work in the field of human behaviour and all of the modalities that I use with my clients originate from California or have evolved into even great things here. I believed that the mindset here would be more conducive to what I do and I was right. California has always symbolized the new frontier to me and that hasn’t changed. LA is full of great creative minds who are willing to embrace new ideas and build on them. Also, my son moved here 5 years ago …