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Brits in LA Weekly Newsletter October 26th 2016

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble present Underneath

UNDERNEATH by Pat Kinevane Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

Review by Catherine Siggins
One would hardly expect the County of Cork in Ireland to have anything in common with ancient Egypt, however in Pat Kinevane’s new one-man show, Underneath, we find ourselves neck deep in the shadows of the Book of the Dead.

Set in Mr. Kinevane’s hometown, Cobh, the play is an eclectic mix of rural Ireland and ancient Egyptian afterlife imagery, based around the Egyptian belief that the burial tomb was a magical place that allowed the dead to move between the world of the living and the dead, and where your life on earth would be judged. Kinevane has made his audience the gods standing in judgment, as he comes before us to explain the life of his character from cruel childhood to an adulthood of shame, solitude, self-awareness, and death.

An onyx woman rises out of the darkness. The blackness of her skin is the result of its decomposition, as the woman who stands before us is speaking to us from her tomb. We …

Meet A Member - Nicola Bailey

Meet Nicola Baileyfrom St Ives, Cornwall, who moved to LA almost 11 years ago to pursue performing arts, sunshine and boys with American accents!

Was there a particular reason you chose LA? After growing up as a kid who watched too much Saved By the Bell and Baywatch, I always wanted to live in the US for a period of time. Growing up by the beach in Cornwall and being a self-proclaimed beach bum, the California beaches and endless summers appealed to me. As soon as I arrived in Los Angeles, I felt instantly at home and found people here to be incredibly helpful and supportive. I wanted to marry Zack Morris and live at the Baywatch beach!!

What do you miss most from home? Family and friends, without a shadow of a doubt. My one wish is that LA wasn't quite so far away. In fact, I often forget just how far til it's time to go on that big plane across the pond, followed by another long trek down to St Ives. I also miss the British humour a great deal; the American version just isn'…