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Brits in LA Weekly Newsletter November 10th 2016

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Meet A Member - Rachelle-Mae Gilbuena

Meet Rachelle-Mae Gilbuena from Surrey, England, who moved to the States two years ago 

Was there a particular reason you chose LA? My mum got a job offer here and all our family is based in LA.
What do you miss most from home? I miss all my long-time friends I've known all my life and just the aspect of the culture in Britain.
What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since?My first impression of LA was that it was much more chaotic everywhere and there's always a lot going on! But the people here are very friendly and living here has been great so far!
What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus Surrey?Surrey is much more quiet and everyone knows each other in the area. There's not much to do. In LA there's always something new to do every day and the weather's a plus!

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here? To others who are thinking to move to the big city of LA, I would definitely say it's a cha…