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Brits in LA Breakfast Closed For the Christmas Break

Brits in LA Weekly Newsletter - Spending Christmas in LA?


Meet Archie originally from a tiny village near Glasgow called Lochwinnoch . He moved to LA 11 years ago to pursue the accumulation of wealth (unfortunately timed with the arrival of the recession so I had to put up with lifestyle improvements instead).

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I was moving to join a start up company and LA was where my first client was based. We were supposed to move to New Jersey but having lived there before, we decided to give the West Coast a try - thereby neatly avoiding issues like rain that turns into ice when it lands. 

What  do you miss most from home?The Today show on +BBC Radio 4  as you drive to work; apple crumble; high quality TV advertising. The thing I miss the most is the Scottish habit of just dropping in to a friends house. Not making appointments for dinner, just dropping by for a coffee and a chat unannounced that might turn into dinner, a trip to the pub or a friendly "sorry, too busy".  and the relaxed approach to soci…