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Brits in LA Weekly Newsletter July 3rd

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Meet A Member - Melanie Escombe

Meet Melanie Escombe from Wimbledon, who moved to LA four years ago, after a ten year layover in Mullumbimby, Australia, to pursue a career in concert photography.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? The town I was living in in Australia was beautiful, but very small, essentially just two streets, and a beach at the end of the road. If I wanted to go to a big concert, museum, international art exhibit etc it was a 200 KM drive to the nearest city, Brisbane. My options were fairly limited work wise too. I’d set my heart on becoming a concert photographer, and with just two small pubs in town, and the big acts only coming to Brisbane once a month, I wasn’t likely to develop an impressive portfolio any time soon, but here in LA it’s a completely different story. There is so much happening here every night, from shooting classic rockers like Slash, and Billy Idol on Sunset Strip, to music superstars like Tom Petty at the Forum, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to shows. There i…